Pasco Washington Police shoot unarmed man fleeing from 5 officers

The stop occurred after the man was acting erratically by the roadway. Officers were responding to a complaint that the man threw a rock at a passing vehicle.

According to the Tri-city Herald, Police tried to shock him with a Taser, but it had little effect on him, said Ben Patrick, who was just yards away in the grocery store parking lot with his family when the shooting happened.

“The guy was trying to pull the Taser (prongs) out of his arm,” a witness said.

The man allegedly ran towards officers who immediately began firing at him. After being shot at the first time, the man took off running, with his hands in the air. The second video shows him trying to surrender to police when multiple shots are fired at him, killing him.

“I really thought they were just going walk up and tackle or tase him,” the witness said. “But they opened fire. His back was turned.”

“He turned around to take off running, and the cops just shot him,” she said. “All he was trying to do was walk away.”

After executing the man, in front of children, the police then cuffed his dead body.


There are plenty of eye witnesses that concur this man was not behaving “correctly”, but to execute him as he was running away, that is just cowardice. You would think that the police are trained to handle angry citizens differently than with bullets.

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