Immigration Issues

There are many different factors in understanding the United States of America’s growing immigrant population and the unique circumstances that manifest themselves when combining cultures, languages and beliefs. Keeping an open mind to the fact that this land that we occupy, no matter what color or race or creed we might be, is not ours, it is God’s, or the earths or a higher power’s creation, and we are just custodians, and as a group not very good ones. This is the time and the place to get into what gives us the RIGHT, and the authority to claim something as our own, despite the claims of the current occupents of our new found territory. God’s country, the churches land, the peoples territory or the governments land is one way of splitting things up into ownership categories.

Another aspect of immigration is Illegal immigration. When someone enters the boarders of a nation that requires a visa or passport to enter legally, and they do not acquire legal necessities, their entrance is illegal. Despite the fact that this U.S.A. place is the land of the free and home of the brave, there are more freedoms lost when entering illegally, which consequently really pisses off those brave ones who entered legally.

We need to talk about this issue and many others that are facing our country. We need a voice.
Where did we come from, and where are we going?