travis county swat vehicles

travis county swat vehicles

The Austin Police Department has a long history of troubled community relations. There are many reasons for local citizens to have trust issues with this police force, and now there are many more.

It looks like four Austin criminal defense lawyers and two advocacy groups have beat back efforts to dismiss their lawsuit that alleged lawyers’ confidential phone calls with incarcerated clients are being recorded and given to prosecutors.

Among other things, the lawyers claimed that their incomes have suffered since they would travel to the jail to avoid prejudicing their clients’ cases by talking on the phone.

“The undersigned agrees that being forced to conduct in-person visits, rather than quick and inexpensive telephone calls, demonstrates concrete injury. … What previously could be accomplished in a 10-minute phone call necessitates a potentially hours-long journey,” wrote U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Lane in a report and recommendations in Austin Lawyers Guild v. Securus Technologies.

A U.S. district judge must accept the magistrate judge’s recommendations to make the ruling official.

Defendant Securus Technologies Inc. contracts with Travis County to provide telephone service for the county’s correctional facilities. The plaintiffs also sued Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton, District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg and County Attorney David Hamilton and each of their offices. The defendants have denied the allegations.

Read more: http://www.texaslawyer.com/id=1202717562467/Lawyers-Score-Win-in-Recorded-Jail-Calls-Lawsuit#ixzz3RRybAlCn

NSA “patriot” whistleblower Ed Snowden: everyone’s digital data is being stored, Federal Judges included

Anyone with a personal email address is having their communications stored by the NSA…. even if you have not done anything wrong, your information is being stored and has been since at least 2001. If you ever fall under suspicion at any time the data, conversations, discussions and communications that you used digitally will be used against you, going back for as long as your information has been recorded. The storage capabilities increase every year by mandate.

Ed Snowden Patriot

NSA whistle blower turned patriot

2011 Senator Ron Wyden tells us that the Patriot Act will justify a warrantless wiretapping program

four-year extension of the u_s_a_ patriot act
i served on the intelligence committee for over a decade
and i want to deliver warning
this afternoon
when the american people find out
how their government had secretly interpreted the patriot act
they are going to be stunned
and they are going to be angry
ask senators
did you know what the swine actually permits
why do you know before you voted on it
the fact is anyone can read the plain text of the patriot act
and yet many members of congress have no idea
how the lives being secretly interpreted
by the executive branch
because that interpretation
is classified
it’s almost as if there were two patriot act
and many many members of congress
have not read the one that matters