Welcome to the Austin underground hip hop movement!

There is a lot of hustle in this town, and anyone who has been around for a minute knows that there is talent to back it up. 2008 is the year for Austin’s music scene to grow to its potential especially with the Austin underground hip hop movement showing up in main stream hip hop culture. The University of Texas is one of this countries largest schools, with a very eclectic group of students, and one of the lowest tour stop rates in the industry and not just for hip hop, but for all artists. Why?

Some would say that there are not enough good sized venues that hold enough patrons, and some would argue that there are such venues, just not at the right price to use them. Well, what ever the case, Emo’s, 311, Ruta Maya, and Victory Grill all have shows at least 4 nights a week, with plenty of local talent on the line up. These venues hold 150 to 1,500 tops, and what a personal show it is. There are merits to not having to pay to park in a field, pay $4.00 for a water, suffer through heat strokes, take a bus with 200 other people, or using a port a john that is best left indescribable. It is well worth your time in going to check out Austin’s local music at one of our 400+ venues.

We are working on posting more show dates, images, music, and touring info so please stay tuned.