Rep vs Dem *blame game*

America The Great
Who should really get the blame, REP or DEM? I assume thats the question floating around, but honestly does it matter who accepts blame. I would think what matters is we’ve all known this was approaching but instead of solving the issue we did nothing. Actually some embraced it with open arms. A lot of people (citizens) are like “let the government shut down, who needs government anyway”. These are most likely the people (citizens) who don’t understand the important role that Government plays in our daily lives. If the American people were harvesting there own crops, providing education as a community, and relied on self for there liberty, safety, etc then we would not need Government to intervene or be the foundation of our dependence. Until we can gain back our true independence, we are reliant on Government. Imagine if the Government doesn’t re-open and the debt ceiling isn’t raised. Then what do the American people (citizens) do? THOUGHTS OF TODAY
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